Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Letter From Harland

I wrote Harland Williams(one of my favorite comedians) a letter a while back regarding the phenomenon known as "Artist's Block". This was his response:

Hi Erik, thank you - there will be new paintings in 2010 for sure -
As far as creativity - I force myself to keep creating cuz it's like my reason for living, I cant shut it off....sometimes it's a bit of a curse - I guess I will stop when I'm dead - or maybe be a creative ghost - My tip for you to stay creative is a bit morbid but should work, you only have one life in which to get out all your gifts, thoughts, ideas - picture the day when u are too sick to write or paint and you will be sad you didn't do it when you were you have to do it now!
Also, if you feel blocked or depressed try pushing through and using those sometimes dark or negative emotions. Sometimes they can lead to the best work!

Good luck and remember to always pass the chips at snack time!


I think that is advice we could all use, which is why I have reprinted it in this blog entry.

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