Thursday, November 30, 2006

I was looking for a parking spot when I got home from work tonight and the Ecto-1 was parked a block from my house. The REAL Ecto-1.
I told my sister and my gf Adriana "Guys, you gotta see this." and we headed up the block.
I started snapping pictures and two young gentlemen came out of the house it was parked in front of and asked us if we wanted them to turn the lights on.
They were very nice. I said "Is that the real deal?" They said it was and explained how they ended up with it for the evening. I will not recount thier story here as I do not want to get them in trouble.
Anyway, it was cool and here are some pictures.

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punkin said...

this was the best part about living in that poo-hole.